One of the things I know people are in search for, in our society, is authenticity.  You can tell by the mad search for so-called "reality" TV.  The Bible calls us as Christians to live authentically according to God's word.

We at FBC are a community of believers who strive to apply and live out the Word of God every week.  We are imperfect people who are following after a perfect God.  God's Word has the power to change the world, and ourselves, if we will allow the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The Holy Spirit of God produces change and transformation when we follow His plan... His purpose.  If you're looking for real people who are applying the truths that are revealed in the Bible, week after week, this is your place of service and worship.  We would be honored and privileged if you would come by for a visit and worship with us.  Come and share life and build relationships.  Come and truly live.  Wake up to the reason you were created.  Come and discover the reality of truly living for Christ.